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About us

About us

A humane, personalized and pressure-free approach
Because you deserve the best

The Coopérative funéraire de l'Outaouais (CFO) is an organization which is fully owned by its approximately 22,000 members, who make joint decisions on its future. It can never fall into the control of foreign interests.

The CFO has respectful, attentive staff who will strive to meet your expectations for your funeral services. In addition to its pressure-free approach, the CFO is grounded in high standards of quality and in values of mutual assistance, solidarity and involvement in the community.

At the Coopérative funéraire de l’Outaouais, we believe it is important to guide families in the organization of meaningful funeral rites. Our team is attentive and prepared to support you so that you can preserve and honor the memory of the deceased person in accordance with your beliefs and your particular needs.

The CFO has been growing steadily since its humble beginnings in 1979.  Now with six service points, it offers high-quality professional services at fair and reasonable prices.

In ultra-modern, attractive and warm surroundings, each of our facilities in the Hull and Gatineau sectors has two visitation rooms, a ceremonial hall, a reception hall and a columbarium. Acquired in June 2009, our Gauvreau funeral homes in Gatineau and our Brunet funeral home in Buckingham include a visitation room and a columbarium. We have to news funeral homes in Thurso and Saint-André-Avellin.

Click here to view the Rules of internal management of The Coopérative funéraire de l'Outaouais (in french)