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At the families’ service 24/7, in the event of death

As an essential business in this time of crisis, the Coopérative funéraire de l’Outaouais is maintaining its operations. However, in compliance with the health authorities, we must restrict the number of participants to 25. We are therefore at the families’ service 24/7, in the event of death.

In order to limit access to our funeral homes as much as possible and to ensure your safety and that of our employees, we invite bereaved families to meet with our counsellors by phone. The same applies to any payment or change of address.

YOU SHOULD NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE come to one of our branches…
- If you have just returned from abroad;
- If you have flu-like symptoms;
- If you think you have been exposed to the coronavirus;
- If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

We are closely monitoring developments and wish to act responsibly by implementing government recommendations. We will notify you of any changes.

We wholeheartedly support bereaved families and appreciate their cooperation. We invite people near and dear to them to offer their helping hand in these trying times.

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Always ready to serve

We're still celebrating funerals

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COVID-19 : A Support Guide for Mourning Alone

Coping with grief is hard enough. Doing it alone at home, far from the support of others, can be even more distressing. You may not be able to engage in the funeral rituals that are so inextricably linked to mourning. How then to commemorate your loved one without the usual gestures that can bring you comfort? The network of funeral cooperatives in Quebec offers various ways to support you if your family or friends cannot lend a hand at this difficult time. 

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Why make your pre-arrangements with the cooperative?

  • To decide of which rituals you really want
  • To space your loved ones of worries
  • To take advantage of fair prices and of a 20% rebate on our services as a member
  • To counter inflation on your funeral costs
  • To take advantage of our service at home
  • To be in peace with your choices