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Cremation and Interment

Interment is the burial of a body in a cemetery.

Cremation consists first of all in laying the body of the deceased in a casket or box, which is then placed in a cremator. Heat of 1,000 to 1,200 degrees Celsius reduces the human remains to bone fragments and ashes, which are then carefully recovered and placed in an urn identified with the name of the deceased.

Depending on the wishes of the deceased, the ashes may then be buried, scattered, kept at home by a family member, or deposited in a columbarium. However, some insurance companies require an official certificate of location of the ashes.

Whatever your reasons, it is highly desirable that you discuss the manner of disposition of the body with your next of kin so that they can share in this decision. After all, while it is true that it is we who die, we ourselves are spared the grief of our departure, which is rather the lot of those who survive us. Your funeral cooperative will be able to help you establish what you want to happen after your death.