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Choosing a casket is a very personal decision, often based on the preferences of the deceased person as to type of wood, metal and fabric. This is why your cooperative offers a varied line of wood or metal caskets to suit everyone's tastes. The caskets are available in the various species of wood, as well as various types of metal, such as bronze, copper, steel and stainless steel. Your cooperative also offers totally "green" caskets. The often substantial differences in price are to be explained by this diversity, the type of fabric used, and the quality of the interior finish.

Bronze and copper: Bronze and copper are semi-precious metals which offer solidity and durability superior to all other caskets, in addition to being rust-resistant.

Steel: There are various qualities of steel casket, depending on thickness. 16 gauge steel is the thickest, 18 is intermediate, and 20 is considered basic: this is what is used in the automobile industry.

Wood: The various types of wood used to make caskets are oak, ash, mahogany, cherry, cedar, pine, poplar and plywood.

Vault: A vault is a rigid, hermetically sealed container in which the casket or urn can be placed. It prevents possible subsidence of the earth and repositioning of the tombstone in the course of natural deterioration of the casket or urn. Vaults are available in steel, plastic or concrete.