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Become a member

Become a member

Here are ten good reasons to become a member of your funeral cooperative. As a member –  

  1. I am saving money and helping to keep the prices of funeral services in my region at affordable levels.
  2. I am choosing an organization that is recognized for its humane and professional approach.
  3. I am affirming my values of mutual assistance, democracy, fairness and commitment to the community.
  4. I am providing encouragement to a local organization which, being fully owned by its members, cannot fall into the control of foreign interests.
  5. I am supporting the local and regional economy.
  6. I have access to the Solidarité program and a range of quality products and services which truly meet my expectations.
  7. I become a co-owner of the Coopérative and have a voice in its future directions.
  8. I have access to top-of-the-line facilities in the Outaouais and receive the Profil magazine free of charge.
  9. I can transfer my funeral pre-arrangements contract to 100 service points in Quebec.
  10. I am joining a network of over 200,000 members all across Quebec.

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