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It is possible to navigate the site using the keyboard only. The TAB key allows you to move forward through the successive links on a page, and pressing the SHIFT + TAB keys together allows you to move backward. Once you have chosen the link you want, press ENTER to go to the page selected.

Adjusting text size

Pressing the CTRL key together with the + or - keys allows you to increase or reduce the size of text on the site. Also, to store these preferences in memory for future visits, a harmless cookie is placed on the user's computer, so that it is not necessary to adjust font size every time a visit is made.

Recommended browsers

Here are the main browsers recommended:

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We urge you to update your browser as required, not only to maximize your experience on this site, but also to get the full benefit of the possibilities of today's Web. It is of course possible to visit the site using any of the less up-to-date browsers. The entire site content can in all cases be fully accessed, read and consulted with such browsers, but the visual presentation will be partially degraded because they do not completely conform to current standards.