Our Team

As in most organizations, the employees are the strength of the Coopérative funéraire de l'Outaouais.

The CFO has respectful, attentive staff who will strive to meet your expectations for your funeral services.

At the CFO, we believe it is important to guide families through the process of organizing meaningful funeral rites. Our team of advisers is attentive and ready to offer you support in preserving and honoring the memory of the deceased, in accordance with your particular beliefs and needs.

It is therefore with pride that we present the members of the staff who serve your cooperative.

Executive Director:

Guylaine Beaulieu

Director, Members Services and Business Development:

Claude Tremblay

Director, Finance, Administration and Assets:

Martin Meilleur

Assistant Director, Accounting:

Johanne Benoît

Director, Operations:

Marc St-Pierre

Assistant Director, Laboratory:

Nadine Filiatreault

Assistant Director, Funeral events:

Pierre-Paul Matte

Assistant Director, Family Counselors:

Julie Blais

Assistant, Transport:

Yvon Bertrand

Assistant to Executive Director:

Sophie Dionne


Gabrielle Roy

Accounting Clerk/Receptionist:

Chantal Villeneuve


Annie Larivière


Claude Gascon
Virginie Lépine
Maxime Larouche
Johanne Gagnon

Crematorium Attendants:

Luc St-Denis
Éric Chartrand
Mario Collin

Family Counselors:

Julie Lecompte
Louise Dupéré
Lucie Fortin
Nathalie Anne Lacelle
Pierre Gravel
Vicky Bergeron 
Claire Berger-Hamel
Suzanne Guay
Annie Lacasse (follow up on files)

Pre-arrangements Advisers:

Gilles Provost
Diane Fortin

Funeral Directors:

Denis Lacroix
Donald Cyr 
Edgar Demers 
Gilles Richer 
Gilles Villeneuve
Marcel Simard 
Richard Gervais 
Serge Gauthier 
Yves Mantha


Claude Villemaire
Jacques Bertrand
Jacques Robillard
Jacques Robitaille
Marcel Leduc
Garry Graveline
Jean Deschênes
Pierre St-Denis
Robert Legault
Ronald Marengère
Yves Gauvreau
Robert Peterson
Yvon Brunet
Roger Blais
Denis Lemieux
Robert Villeneuve
Daniel St-Denis
Richard Dagenais
François Carrière
Jonathan Legault
Michel Charron
Luc Pépin
Marc André Proulx


Louise Robitaille
Francine Poirier


Lise Loyer
Rachelle Sauvé
Suzanne Ribeyron
Suzanne Robitaille
Diane Brunelle


Éric Potvin
Annie St-Denis
Mario Collin